2019: 12% More First-Time Asylum Seekers in EU+ Compared to Previous Year

Asylum Seekers

A total of 612,700 first-time applications were filed at the asylum centres on the EU+ countries, in 2019, 12 per cent more compared to 2018 (549,000), the statistical office of the European Union reveals.

Syrians, Afghans and Venezuelans mark the main number of first-time applicants, who seek international protection in the EU Member States, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Syrians, Afghans and Venezuelans Top the Table Again

74,400 first time asylum seekers in the European Countries were of Syrian nationality.  More than half of Syrian applicants (39,300) were registered in Germany. Syria remains the main source of asylum seekers in seven of the EU states.

In the second place is listed Afghanistan with as more as 52,500 first time applications in European Union countries, in 2019. The main interest of them Greece. Almost half of the applicants from Afghans applied in Greece (23,700).

Venezuela is the third main country of citizenship of applicants seeking protection in the EU states, during 2019.

44,800 applicants from Venezuela (90%) seek asylum in Spain, becoming the largest citizenship of asylum seekers in this country. Venezuela moved up from the fifth place, in 2018, to third place in 2019.

The number of applicants from Afghan and Venezuela has shown an increase of 35%  compared to 2018, while the number of applicants from Syria has decreased (-7%).

Largest Number of First-Time Applicants Field in Germany and France

From all the first time asylum seekers, almost one in four applied in Germany. This country accounts for 23% of all first-time applicants, and a total of 142,400 applications in 2019.

Aside from Germany, France was the second country that international citizens have chosen from the EU countries with 119,900 applications,  followed by Spain (111,200), Greece (74,900) and Italy(35,000).

The number of first-time applicants in Spain (+62,400), Cyprus (+5,100), Sweden (+5,000), as well as in Belgium (+5,000), Greece (+9,900) has risen compared to the previous year.

842,500 pending applications in 2019

As many as 842,500 fields have been pending at the end of 2019. Those applications are still under consideration by the competent authorities. This number refers to the number of applicants waiting for a decision at the end of the year.

Germany had the largest number of pending applications at the end of 2019 (326 800) followed by Spain (133 000), Greece (105 400), France (74 400) and Italy (47 000).

There has been a decrease in the pending applications compared to 2018, where the number was 851,000.

SchengenVisaInfo.com previously reported that in 2019, the number of asylum seekers has increased, compared to previous years.

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