Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland Notify EU Commission on Reintroduced Borders

Three Schengen countries have notified the European Commission on the reintroduction of internal Schengen border controls, which have been in place for at least a few days now, or more, several days after announced that only 11 of the Member States had notified the EC on the reintroduction of internal borders, though the number was higher.

Belgium, one of the few Schengen members that have kept their borders open until last week, on March 20 it started carrying internal border checks at all of its borders, in a bid to curb the further spread of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Commission, however, announced the reintroduction of internal borders by Belgium only on late Tuesday this week.

As per Switzerland and Germany, which previously have partially established and notified the Commission on the reintroduction of their borders before March 21, they both have now extended their border checks further.

On March 21, at the EC website figured only Switzerland’s border controls with Italy, which were in place since March 13 set to expire on March 23, 2020.

Earlier on March 18, reported that Switzerland had extended entry restrictions to Spain as well as halt air traffic from Italy, France, Germany, and Austria.  However, the EC listed these controls on its website only on Tuesday. They are set to expire on April 17.

It also announced the extension of border checks with Italy until April 15, and the reintroduction of land borders with France and Austria until April 12.

As per Germany, EC had announced that as of March 16 at land borders with Denmark, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and Austria, the country had reintroduced border checks set to expire on March 26, 2020.

Only yesterday, this information was updated announcing that air borders with Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Denmark, Italy and Spain, sea borders with Denmark have been reintroduced as of March 19.

However, Germany had announced on the day of the reintroduction of the later checks that it would send a corresponding letter to the EC on the decision.

A corresponding notification letter on the reintroduction of temporary border controls based on Art. 28 Schengen Border Code will be sent to the European Commission and the interior ministers of all EU countries,” the statement explained adding that the affected EU countries were also informed in advance regarding the decision.

It remains unclear whether these three countries have failed to notify the European Commission on time on the extension and reintroduction of border controls, or the EC has simply made known the measures late.

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