Coronavirus: Chinese Tourists Cancel 60 Per Cent of Reservations in Serbia

About 60 per cent of Chinese tourists have cancelled all reservations for February and March, in Serbia due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Serbian government has revealed.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic highlighted that the total financial damage would be assessed when the crisis passes, reports.

Serbia has been affected directly by the coronavirus restrictions since tourism is the second largest industry in this country.

Minister Ljaic said that Serbia is doing everything to minimize the damage that is caused by the lack of Chinese tourists, asserting that they will not impose a ban on Chinese tourists, as several countries have previously done, including Russia.

“We are doing everything we can to minimize the damage caused by the lack of tourists. Serbia would not impose a ban on Chinese tourists, such as Russia, which forbade them from entering the country,” he pointed out.

The Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications said that the government is drafting a plan about the critical situation that aims to attract tourist from other countries, to compensate for the lack of Chinese tourists.

Ljajic added that for the second half of April, there have not been any cancellations of reservations for the moment since the largest number of Chinese tourists comes to Serbia during that period. 

According to the European Tourism Commission, the number of Chinese guests in Europe will be about 7 to 25 per cent less than regularly, due to the virus.

However, Ljajic believes that these statistics are subject to change as it is unforeseeable when the coronavirus crisis will come to an end.

Another way, according to Ljajic, to increase the Serbian tourism is to refocus on the fastest-growing markets, step up campaigns for the region, as well as to turn to new markets where there were no tourists.

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