Estonia Extends Number of Categories that Can Enter Despite Travel Ban

The government of Estonia has decided to include several other categories to the list of persons exempt from the recently introduced travel ban, in an attempt to ease the transport of goods and travelling to commuters that need to cross borders every day to go to work.

According to a statement of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in addition to the exceptions announced so far, laid down, aliens who are directly involved in the transport of goods and raw materials, including the loading of such goods or raw materials, may cross the border, as the travel ban will not apply to them

Persons involved in the international carriage of goods and passengers may enter the country by the crew and crew of the international means of transport, and by persons performing repairs, warranty or maintenance on the means of transport,” the statement of the Ministry reads.

The statement also explains that foreigners who are involved in ensuring the continuity of a vital service may come to Estonia, including those involved in the maintenance, repair, warranty, or information and communication technology work of this company, if necessary, to ensure the operation of the company.

These measures are set to remain in force for at least two weeks.

Estonia has reintroduced internal border checks in place since March 17, with the decision of the Estonian Minister of the Interior Mart Helme, as one of the measures the country has taken in a bid to curb the further spread of the Coronavirus  in the country, following the example of several other EU countries.

When going to another country, people may remain in a quarantine area and returning home may be highly difficult or even impossible. From March 17 onwards, only Estonian citizens and residents can enter the country, including people with the temporary residence permit or right of residence,” Minister Helme has explained at the time.

On the same day, the country had also temporarily suspended admission of applications and the issuance of Schengen visas as well as long-stay visas, at Estonia’s representations and visa centres due to the spread of the coronavirus.

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