France: Visas and Residency Cards Will Automatically Be Extended

After a televised address to the nation of the French President Emanuel Macron, in which he called the situation of the country regarding coronavirus a “health war”, the country has taken several measures in a bid to curb the disease.

The full support to the sealing off of the external EU borders has been followed with the automatic extension of visas and residency cards of those stranded in France, unable to leave due to cancelled flights and other travel restrictions.

This extension applies to: Long stay visas, Titres de séjour, Requests for asylum, Receipts for requests for a carte de séjour,” a statement of the French Préfecture de Police reads explaining that the extension applies only to those holding these visas/residence permits who are already in the country.

Yet, the extension does not apply to Britons living in France, as they have to follow a different process for an extension due to Brexit, which includes online application via a special website, which is not set to go live until July.

The Préfecture de Police, which deals with residency matters for people living in Paris, but also applies to local préfectures across France who deal with residency applications, tweeted yesterday announcing the move.

In order to secure the presence in France of legally resident foreigners, the period of validity of residence permits currently in circulation has been extended by three months from this Monday, March 16,” the tweet read.

Earlier on Tuesday, France announced its decision to stop issuing visas, in all of its embassies and consulates abroad, until further notice.

Affected by the decision are all types of visas, including short-stay Schengen visas, long-stay visas to France, visas to overseas territories.

This suspension also applies to visa applications for which an appointment has already been made,” the government said through a notice.

Macron was the first of the leaders of the EU Member States to confirm that the EU had taken a shared decision to suspend travel between non-European and European countries for a month at least.

During his speech, Macron announced that all French citizens would have to remain at home for two weeks, while those caught breaking this order will be punished, adding that the second round of local elections due to be held on March 22 would be postponed.

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