How to fill Schengen visa application form

  • 1. Surname (Family Name)

    When writing your surname, be sure to write it exactly as it is in your passport. If you use hyphens in your surname (in the event you’ve combined your maiden and married names), be sure to include the hyphens.

    2. Maiden Name

    Here, you need to write the surname you were given at birth. If you are married and have changed your name, write your father’s name/surname here. Even if you haven’t changed your name, be sure to enter your surname here.

    3. First Name

    Write your legal first name here, as given in your passport.

    4. DOB

    Write your date of birth in the DD-MM-YYYY order. For example, if you were born on June 1st, 1980, you should write your date of birth as 01-06-1980 in the application form.

    5. Place of birth

    Write the place of birth as mentioned in your passport. Be careful with the spellings as they matter.

    6. Country of birth

    Enter the name of the country you were born in. You must do this even if you aren’t using the passport of the country of your birth.

    (Sometimes, people with dual citizenship choose to travel with stronger passports which make getting the visa easier. In such a scenario, you will have to declare both of your citizenships. For example, if you were born in Thailand, but live in and have the citizenship of the United States, you will need to write Thailand here.)

    7. Current Nationality (or Nationality at Birth, if different)

    If you hold dual citizenship and are actively enforcing this citizenship, write the name of the country where you are a citizen.

    (In the example above, you write ‘United States’ as you currently reside and stay in the US.)

    8. Gender

    Check the option – Male and Female – as is most appropriate.

    It is to be noted that some countries in the Schengen area do recognize ‘indeterminate’ and ‘non-binary’ genders on the birth certificate. But the visa application currently offers only two gender options, and applicants must select the one that they identify with the most.

    9. Civil Status

    This refers to the marital status of the applicant. Check the box that is most appropriate.

    10. Minor

    If the applicant is a minor, it is important to write the name, residential address, telephone number, email address, passport details, and occupation details of the parent/guardian.

    11. National Identity Number

    Some countries have a national identification number for each citizen. If you do have such a number, please mention the same.

    12. Travel Document Type

    Travel documents can refer to your passport, residential permits, citizenship certificate, and any other visa that you hold and which are valid at the time of the application process. Mention the type of travel document here which you are using as proof of your nationality.

    13. Travel Document Number

    Write the travel document number in this section.

    14. Issue Date

    This refers to the passport issue date. Write it in the same format as given in the passport.

    15. Expiration Date

    This refers to the passport expiry date. Write it in the same format as given in the passport.

    16. Issued By

    This refers to the body which has issued the passport. Specify the name of the authority and place of issue as given in the passport.

    17. Applicant’s home address, email address and telephone number

    Provide your residential contact details; your address, personal email address, and mobile number. If you are writing your office number or email, mention the name of your office, the address, and contact details.

    In the case of a minor, please specify if the contact details belong to the parents or guardians.

    18. Residence in Another Country

    If you do reside in another country (other than your country of nationality), provide the address, telephone number, and email address of the place of residence in that other country, along with details about your stay. If you are a tourist or are on student/work visa, specify the expiration date. If you’re a permanent resident or citizen, mention the residency permit/citizenship number.

    19. Current Occupation

    Write the same occupation as listed on your passport. If you weren’t employed before, but are now, write it like this – Engineer (former graduate student). If you currently aren’t working anywhere, you can mention – No Occupation – here.

    20. Employer or Educational Institution

    Write the name of your office or educational institute, with its address, telephone number, and email address. For the office, mention if it’s public service, academic or private.

    21. The Main Purpose of Your Trip

    Many options will be provided under this section. Check the one that is the most appropriate.

    22. Destination Member State

    This should be the name of the country where you will be residing the longest for the duration of your visit. If you are staying in France for ten days and Belgium for five days, you should write France here.

    23. First Entry Member State

    This should be the country you will be visiting first in your itinerary during your visit to the Schengen area. Let’s say in the above example, you enter Belgium first from your home country and then travel to France. You need to write ‘Belgium’ in this section.

    24. Number of Entries Requested

    You will be provided with a few options here, check the most appropriate option.

    25. Length of Stay

    Mention the total number of days you will be staying in the Schengen area.

    26. Schengen Visas Issued during the Last 3 Years

    If you have visited the Schengen area anytime in the past 3 years, mention the names of the countries for which you had been granted the visas.

    27. Fingerprint

    If you have already given your biometrics, check the box “Yes” and enter the date when you had provided the biometrics. If “No,” check the relevant option.

    28. Entry Permit for Your Final Destination Country, If Applicable

    If the final country of the visit is outside the Schengen area, mention the dates of entry and exit to that country with the visa/application number next to it. If you are going to the UK after your Schengen visit, mention details about the UK visa and travel dates here.

    29. Arrival Date

    This refers to the date you arrive in the first Schengen country during your visit.

    30. Departure Date

    This refers to the date you depart from the last Schengen country during your visit.

    31. Inviting Person’s Name

    If someone is sponsoring your stay in the Schengen area, mention the name, address, telephone number, and email address of the individual.

    32. Host Organization/Firm Name and Address

    If a company/institution is inviting you on a business/event, mention the name, address, telephone number, and email address of the organization.

    33. Travel and Living Expenses During Your Stay Are Covered by?

    You will be offered many options in the application. Check the box that is the most relevant to your situation.

    34. Personal Information Regarding a Family Member who is a European Union, EEA, or Swiss National

    If your spouse/parent/sibling/friend is a citizen or permanent resident of the Schengen/EU/EEA/Switzerland, mention his/her name, residential address, telephone number, email address, passport number, DOB as per passport, and your relationship status with them.

    35. Relationship

    This refers to your relationship with the family member/friend who is residing in the Schengen/EU/EEA/Switzerland. Here you will have many boxes available. Check the option that is correct.

    36. Date and Location

    Date the application with the date when you are actually filling the form, even if you attend the visa interview at a later date. The same goes for the location; enter the location where you fill the form and not the location of the consulate (if they are different).

    37. Signature

    Sign the application form; your signature should match the signature given in your passport.

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