US Ambassador to Nigeria: Visa Ban Is Temporary and Resolvable

The recent visa ban which the US introduced against Nigeria, may soon be solved and Nigerians may continue to travel freely to the US again, the US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard asserts.

The main reason why the US has decided to ban entry for Nigerians is the lack of shared information about public-safety and terrorism in Nigeria, which information serves for the protection of national security and public safety of the United States of America, VisaGuide.World reports.

Ambassador Leonard asserted that Nigeria has an interesting story about the diversification of the economy and its prosperity while discussing the issue of travel ban with the Minister of Labour and Employment in Nigeria, Chris Nwabueze Ngige.

“I think for Nigeria you have an interesting story about diversification of your economy and the prosperity of your economy and its people. You know Nigerians are so well known at home and abroad for their industriousness” she said.

She said that the informal sector is known how much of the activity is done, adding that she is curious to know how they think to “capture that entrepreneurial spirit and to bring it into the formal sector in service and to enhance employment”.

The Minister of Labour and Employment of Nigeria, Chris Nwabueze Ngige expressed his concerns with the decision of including Nigeria to the countries banned from applying from immigration visas to the US, adding that this decision shocked the ministry.

The minister pointed out that over 70 percent of the Nigerians living in the US are skilled professionals, who contribute billions of dollars every year, into the United States economy.

He said that the envoy should urge to help bring up the issue with her home government in order to reverse the previous decision.

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